Dr. Crystal Jones

On A Heart Level

How is it that you find balance being a light always, she asked.
I answered, I’ve learned to embrace my shadows and revel in the light just the same. I find balance within the constant flow of that evolution.
— Dr. Crystal Jones

ON this path, I've chosen to serve as a reflection.

I AM. I have a whole bunch of titles but mostly I AM and through that place, I show up as a spiritual advisor & guide for women that are ready to do the work and hold space for the integrity of the healing process - whatever that looks like.

Daily,  I choose to be. And in that being, I AM the reflection of clarity, foundational healing, and the evolution of truth. After all, my parents named me Crystal - that vibration has been spoken into me for many, many years. 

Come. Our paths have merged, so let's take a walk. 

Our fundamental beliefs radiate our truth. Let's walk through changing the narrative of the truths that have led to destructive cycles. Let's walk though deciding what to hold on to and releasing what no longer serves highest good.

And then let's be okay with the way the the process unfolds.

Healing is sacred movement. And at the same time, healing is stillness.  Healing is the warrior. Healing is surrender.

And a process. And it lasts through lifetimes. 

So let's dig deep and do the work. Let's come back into knowing. Let's evolve with truth. 

And I trust you. Probably more than you trust yourself right now.

While licensed in many modalities, I am a firm believer that the work must be done within first. So that's where we go.

Are you ready to experience the shadows as we bask in the beauty of how the light shines in her space?

Degrees, Licenses and Certifications: Doctor of Chiropractic, Holistic Doula, Holistic Health Counseling, Reiki, Energy Healing, Nutrition & Dietetics