Dr. Crystal Jones



Keynote/Panelist/Collegiate guest lectures

The Art of Holding Space for the Integrity of the Healing Process (25-75 min)

Being fluid in many modalities of healing, Dr. Crystal Jones speaks on many different platforms from the medical + alternative healing world to yoga and meditation (and everything in between). This lecture offers the participants key knowledge that allows integration of holding space for healing into any model. Through critical thinking and listening skills, participants learn the fundamentals of the healing process and how to stay in integrity with that practice while running a successful business.

Through the Shadows: Experiential Learning Workshop (90 min) 

Participants learn how to use this work in their healing practice as reflection of doing the work on themselves.  They embark on becoming aware of their personal experiences with shadows while learning to simultaneously facilitate healing from a place of pure authenticity.

Embark on the journey of facilitating from collective intuition and purity with a clearer awareness of how healing integrates on spiritual, emotional, biochemical, and physical levels. Experience effective healing and listening skills that translate easily into specific modalities. Remaining true to the principles of healing, begin to understand your true function and how that serves for the highest good of all.

Other topics include:

Strategy Of A Millennial Woman Founder and CEO In The Holistic Healing Space. | Multifaceted Healing As A Black Woman Doctor. | Mental Health As An Experience Through The Highest Self. | Holistic Healing In The Entertainment Industry. | +More


With Corporations/Events/Retreats

Soul Level Healing: A Mindfulness Experience in Authentic Healing. (45-60 minutes - ideal for keynote engagements, lunch and learn, set production)

Raise the level of conscious frequency by becoming an active participant in this experience of returning to the true self. Who were you before the world told you who you should be based on specific titles? Who were you before the need to be needed took over? Who are you in your fullest capacity? This mindfulness experience explores this through meditation and active engagement.  

The Mindfulness Moment: An Embodied Experience through Guided Meditation  (30 minutes)

Taking a moment to breathe in the midst of the robotic act of production, use this 30 minute moment of intentional stillness and guided meditation to create space for healing. Allow the meditation to integrate into your nervous system as we guide the experience.

Other Classes Include: Embodied Movement | Sitting Mindfulness | Integrated Bodywork | Meditation | Yoga | + More/