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7 Days. Just Water. Fasting With Intent.

7 days.

Spring Water

From the Earth.

Before we start, it is a MUST that you read this disclaimer. And if you don't because you just hate reading, go back up there and read it anyway.

Periodically, the thought hits me to allow my digestive system to rest. It's a journey. Quite the journey. And it allows my body to rest. There are certain things that just can't happen during the 7-21 days of intentional rest and that's fine. For me, these fasts are holistic in nature. I get the message and I go with it. I often say that my answer to everything is fasting. I fast before I interact with any clients. I fast with my clients. I fast when I don't know how in the world it will happen. I fast when it makes no sense. By no means is this easy for me, but it truly helps me listen.

I find myself often offering disclaimers that express that I do not recommend my path to anyone. Find the voice, listen to your innate intelligence and trust the guidance of your intuition. 

Here, I'll share my journey, I invite you to come with me. Just this once though, because fasts are private. And while most of the process will be, here's some of it...

Day 1: It's time. My body is slowly rejecting food and I know it's time for elevation. And with the elevation comes the path to change. Clarity. Intentional decision making. And peace of mind. It just began, there wasn't a conscious plan (but my subconscious body was very vocal about her truth) . Who better to start it with than me and my nervous system in a Yoga Nidra class with Octavia Raheem? We'd been planning on sharing space for months now and timing is perfect. She led the class. We opened ourselves to healing. We healed together. And felt in the present moment. Perfect. We talked. And we love each other - tremendously. It's dark. Real dark. And my journey back over 285 begins. And the thoughts come. Wait? Am I really going to do this? Then there's the recurring message that it came to you, it's necessary. The idea of food is there, but it doesn't really reign over my being. And in the midst of what seems like chaos, I am at peace. And that unapologetically feels good.

Creeping up on day two and I can feel my body settling into rest. I won't fight her. I'll just blog about some of the experiences. And rest. And heal. And offer myself the space to be. And feel the toxins leaving the joints in my body.

Day 2: Forgiveness. Forgiveness and commitment. Fasting brings out the depths of willpower like nothing else. Now for those who know me, I am a stickler about commitment (charge it to Capricorn being all up and through my chart). Today was about facing what makes me truly hold on to that control. The world sees me as a free sprit - but in reality I am a free spirit in a controlled environment. Today that truth smacked me in the face and asked me to let go. She asked me to let go and forgive ... myself. I must commit to myself the way that I hold my commitment to others and expect it.

My body is at peace. Lightheaded at times, but at peace. She's healing and listening, sometimes floating. And I love her for that. Today, I felt it more than yesterday. Day 2 usually reminds me that I am really doing this. She questions, and I say yes.

Went back to working today, pretty light I'd say. Truly healing from the depths of my soul today and everyone feels it. No force (as usual), really just following the breath. And healing together.

Day 3: Change and Surrender. Change is evident. A must. Today I realize the intention of this fast. I knew a shift was coming. My body went into shock. I fought hard. And then I decided to go with the flow - all within a three hour span. The gist of all of my readings lately have been about embracing failure and letting go of boxed in success. WHAT? Again, with Capricorn running up and down my chart, NO. Just NO! With it being 11/11 and that numerically having so much significance in a 9 year, I had no choice but to know this was inevitable. This is WHY I fasted in the first place. It's not over though- only halfway through. Can't even imagine what's next. But here and now, there's a new direction. 

Oh and I truly have the best friends in the world! My body, well, she's detoxing and healing. Got adjusted and that was AMAZING. Nervous system functioning at 100%, body detoxing, clarity punching me in the face ... yes.

Day 4: Peace. Started off with , Cris Laniese's art show last night. Find her and let her art bless your soul. I promise it took every bit of strength but it was so much worth it. Waking up with clarity and taking it easy. I can feel the energy moving through the left side of my body. In a way, it feels like my body is going through and pulling up the roots. I can feel it getting stuck. And then I feel it moving through. The body is truly an amazing story of experiences.  

Peace. My body is in balance. Desire for food is almost zero. Wanted to clean the house. Only able to do little by little. Listening to my body. She's at peace. Noticing that the amount of water that I can drink daily is decreasing drastically. Not enough energy to process. Much different than the other fasts.

Day 5: Patience. Just thinking back to all of the other fasts, this one is a little different in the fact that there have been no headaches or any real intense detoxing symptoms. Not, sure why but I'll go with it. After day 4, it's usually very peaceful. 

Wait, maybe one of the symptoms this time is actually tasting and smelling the things that needed to be cleared from my system. Once they present themselves, they kind of just fly away. 

Light work in the office today. But as I stand to get in the shower, I realize that I can only walk for seconds at a time. Ahhh! I'm already imagining making it through the shower and then finding parking that's across the street and for the first time ever, I hope the front elevator isn't broken. Wait! I don't function like that. Get in the shower and take it one step at a time. In all actuality, today was great. I just had to move slowly and that's okay. It's part of the lesson. And then I relapse by looking at the stairs at my home and just keep repeating, don't die. Haha, no, but really. 

Day 6: Heart Work. WE ARE ALMOST THERE! I'm not really thinking of food. I just want to be able to move. I'm not physically tired, I just know that I am functioning off of fat stores. 

Well that changed. I guess that I came into this thinking that 7 days wouldn't be a challenge in comparison to the longer ones that I have done, but it seems as though this one is going so much deeper. This full moon pulling at the depths of my heart is extremely physical and causing me to be extremely fatigued. Nothing about this is the same. And that's ok. Had to cancel some filming because I. JUST. CAN'T. Invited to yoga, nope. Nothing that exerts energy. I am past 'e' on that. I tend to enjoy yoga that's much more traditional anyway, supine - that's just my preference. Set up my chiropractic adjustment for tomorrow and post fast yoga nidra with Amy King and Octavia Raheem. Who better to end it with than who I began with? Okay. Finishing the last couple of hours of day 6 basking in this full moon.

Day 7: Labor of Love. Elevation requires surrender and for the past days, that's been the goal, to listen and surrender. In being, I've accepted balance. I've accepted ebb and flow. I've accepted the process without expectation.

Took a shower this morning without breaks and ended up needing 2 hours to recuperate. The best way I can explain it is to say it feels like I just ran a 10K by standing in the shower. Crazy, right? Then off to get adjusted. That was beautiful. No matter what I physically look like, I feel like some great deep work has happened. By far, this was the toughest, I can't deny that.

It's tough to explain why I keep going, it's just following the innate wisdom. The path gets tough. Discomfort is real. But it's all necessary to move forward. I feel clear. I've let go of some things quite close to me. Necessary. And with that, this fast is complete.

Off to do the final clearing with Octavia. Just, get into her.

Gentle reintroduction to food starts. First stop, vegetable juice. Second stop, Tassili's

Enjoy your journey. 

And once again, this was spirit led. Otherwise, seek medical advice or a supervised water fast center to do this for any other reason. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. :)

*This blog was originally posted on my previous website so all comments are in never never land, but I did see them all last year.