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Today was a group meditation for one of the companies that I curate with. You know, typically, 10-15 people find time on any given session to stop and focus on their breathing. But today there was just one. And a man at that. And we flowed with it. 

He was new to The Healers' Collective so I gave him a brief introduction to our mission as a wellness production company and why I came up with it. And that's when it got real. He began talking about how stressed out he was with his corporate job (one of the most successful companies I'd ever heard of). He was a marketer. But in real life, he wanted to produce music, spend time with his girlfriend and own his sanity. Not much. 

We began the mediation. And I could immediately feel the shift in the room. We finish and there is silence. He noted that there was a specific part of the mediation that spoke to him so clearly "breathe in and create, breathe out and make room for the creation". Because I ask to be divinely led through these mediations, I found it a gentle whisper to be reminded about what it is that I do as a vessel. 

He further goes in to tell me that me that he has an interview in a few hours for a job that he had previously been blocked from (universal guidance of course). The major corporation that he worked for in which most people see as stability was about to let go of his position. Ya'll nothing is guaranteed in life. He was about to interview for a job that offered him flexibility and sanity! What better time to be in the right place at the right time AND be the only person that this specific meditation was written for?

And we did a healing session. Why? Because we had time and it was only us. Today was so perfect.

I tell you often that I live for a living. And I really do. It's amazing how this life unfolds perfectly. Honestly, most people wouldn't believe half of the experience. So I figured THIS is what I would blog about. 

The experiences. 

Stay tuned.