Dr Crystal Jones

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Daily, often moment by moment, I am asked to define myself. I am asked this through a series of questions. And while I have the awareness that many people want to find a way to relate, I am also in the awareness that many people ask because titles give definitions - and well, it's just easier to label people in categories. 

Because of the work that I do, I am aware of how dangerous it is to take on these titles. I know personally how dangerous it can be for me to take on particular titles. I see their self limiting tendencies all within good intent. For those that are unaware of who they are, titles give a sense of being or worth. As a doctor, or a thought leader, or influencer or whatever people see me as, there are so many that take my truth as their own. There are many that are looking to me for answers. I don't have them. 

I serve as a guide as our paths meet.

I am not your guru. YOU are your own guru.
I am not your healer. YOU are your own healer.
— Dr. Crystal Jones

I see that you know a lot about the body and nutrition. Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Raw? Omnivore? Should I be? Well let's figure out what your body asks for and let's honor that. Let's learn to listen to our body and honor what is truly being asked for as an energy source. As for me, I eat to honor my system. 

Are you Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist?  I've studied quite a few world religions and I find them fascinating. I love exploring truth in multiple languages. My beliefs evolve with my experiences and the truth of that is my journey. 

Are you a chiropractor? Or a doula? Or a nutritionist? Or a spiritual teacher? Or a metaphysical teacher? Should I see a _______? Sure, yeah. I'm licensed and certified and attuned in many different healing modalities and spiritual systems I've chosen the path of the guide (even as I've learned to flow between them all). People meet me as I travel on this path and I serve as a guide. And I do that for a living. Should you see a specialist? Well what do you want to do? Are you ready to change, or not? Are you wanting to hold on to what no longer serves you, or not? The biggest question, are you asking because you are looking to move forward or are you asking because you are looking to give your power away? Do you want to experience the healing journey and what that entails or do you want a promised result (that determines that route)? Oh yeah, there's no such thing as a promised result.

What crystals should I own? What herbs should I take? Did I respond the right way? My doctor says _____. Should I _____? What should I do about ______?  Well let's figure out what your core belief is and start from there. Your body functions as one energetic being so let's begin learning to innerstand that language. I don't believe in general solutions. Nope, not one bit. 

Here's the thing, I believe in and practice experiencing freedom without judgement. Over the years, I've worked through trauma (on a macro and micro level), gone through lots of formal education and attunements and certifications and learned how to guide people through their experiences as chiropractor, as a doula, as a spiritual guide, so forth and so on. I am never all in one place at one time. I am constantly in flow and so I consider myself a guide. And some people invest in choose to do the deep work with me. Some don't. I still travel. 

My truth is that humans are meant to be experienced. I've always felt that way. I fundamentally believe that life is one huge experiences and we are faced with choices on a consistent basis. Neither right nor wrong, we choose based on what we believe at a core level. If or when we begin to believe differently, we choose differently. And as we choose differently, the trajectory of our path aligns with that. 

That's life as I see it. Those are all the answers I'll ever have.

Feel the fresh air of the unknown. Learn all the languages of life. Speak fluently to dialect of love. 
— Dr. Crystal Jones