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Am I making the right decision? 4 mind shifts to adopt.

In short, yes. This question comes up often as people who have created a sense of grounding stability find themselves being led to take a step in a direction that feels new. More often now than ever before, people are being led to make decisions that are in alignment with their chosen path (rather than societal programming).

Am I making the right decision? What if I fail? What about the people I am leaving behind? Am I hearing the right voice? What should I do?

The simple, yet complex answer is to trust. Yes, trust. You must trust that the voice that you hear is in alignment with the highest good of all. If you cannot trust that the voice is in alignment with favor, work is necessary. What kind of work? Whatever work aligns your brain and heart through intuition. I recommend seeking out an aligned advisor for matters such as this as they are aware of the implications on multiple levels when they present you with guidance.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
— Anais Nin

Is living a life of courage for everyone? Absolutely, yes. Is this type of life conducive to the mental stability of everyone using the same regimen or formula? Absolutely not. 

Some things to become aware of: 

  1. You always have a choice. When you do feel the nudge to move, you have a choice. You always have a choice. You can move in flow, you can analyze it and act accordingly, or you can ignore the voice. The right choice is whatever you decide. The choice directs your path until you are presented with another choice. This power that I always talk about is directly correlated to choice.
  2. Failure is perspective. Life is not confined to absolutes. Actually, life isn't confined to anything at all. Success and failure are perspectives. Too often, success and failure are tied to the reaching the desired outcome. People are so incredibly judgmental - of themselves. This leads to how people mirror themselves in others. In order to move, the boundaries of needing to judge (rather than experience) have to be broken. Life is an experience. Connect to that childlike curiosity and open yourself to experiencing life again. 
  3. You are not losing anything. Rather, you are creating space for what you actually desire. Yes, it may feel like you are losing, but think of how much better it feels to breathe. Think of all the space you are creating for what you truly desire in alignment with your core truths. And when you are clear on your path, these decisions aren't even about you, they are for the whole.
  4. You are not leaving anyone behind.  When you move in accordance to the highest good. You are honoring alignment. And in this space, you are not only honoring the alignment of your highest good but that of those that surround you. At a core level, the attachment must break. Keep in mind that this attachment IS NOT breaking because of the superiority/inferiority complex (if it is on your end, re-evaluate) but in accordance with what is best for all parties - and always in love.
Paths converge. People travel together. And then paths diverge for the highest good.
— Dr. Crystal Jones


So here it is. What are you being led to do that you are questioning? Using these mind shift offerings, do you have a new perspective? Are you willing to trust even just a little bit more than you did before? And if not, are you willing to seek the guidance of someone that can open you to greater alignment within? I would love to know. Leave it in the comments!