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The Concept of Gratitude - (and tips on maintaining the practice).

Before we begin, this is NOT about smiling all of the time (I just liked the concept of the photo)

We are hearing it across every outlet. We are hearing it in every conversation. Gratitude, what is it?

Gratitude is a state of being. Gratitude is presence in the moment. Gratitude is a direction of focus.

Up through quite recently, I was guilty of asking in prayer as though I was talking to some type of genie.  Can I have this?  If I do all of the things, can I have that? Take this away! Bring me all of the tangible things! We've all been in that space and probably mastered the skill of asking - not just asking, but repeatedly being in supplication as if begging would outweigh the process. Now, there's clarity in making your desires known and then there's asking for the path to be redirected so that the process "feels good" throughout. The latter will always lead you into destructive cycles. Where you are going requires new levels of trust.

But what about gratitude? And how do we incorporate gratitude into this idea of manifesting the desires of our hearts?

Get this:

The universe is responding to your core beliefs, not your stated wants
— Dr. Crystal Jones

Not to get esoteric or to start sprinkling pixie dust, BUT, everything is responding to your core beliefs. If what you desire is not what you see, there is a disconnect, I blogged on this a little last week. The core desires of your heart are emitting a particular frequency. What comes to fruition is the manifestation of that frequency. The beautiful thing is that this frequency can change as often as you are willing to evolve your narrative.

Note: CORE desires are what you actually believe, not what you think you believe.


So why all of this talk about gratitude? 

Staying in a constant state of gratitude is expressing the awareness that all of the CORE desires of your heart are already in motion. This state of gratitude is allowing yourself to stay in the present instead of reaching ahead to control an outcome OR reaching behind in self-pity completely unaware of the perfection of your foundation (no matter what that looks like). Gratitude is saying thank you. Gratitude does not take the time to analyze what appears to be a storm or struggle, rather, gratitude is the experience in thanks for the collateral beauty (a great movie by the way!). 

And how do we know that our desires are in alignment with the highest good?

Clarity. The best one-word answer that I can give is clarity. Spending time in silence will open the doors for downloading everything. Yes, everything. Clarity is an interesting type of specificity that honors the way that our paths adapt to our choices and core beliefs. Developing a sense of trust with the process opens the perspective that EVERYTHING is happening as it should. I have another blog in the works about climbing through polar thinking- good v bad, right v wrong. Consistency and commitment are the frequency through which we carry our core desires. 

Be clear. Emit the frequency of your desires through commitment and consistent work. Trust the process. Live in gratitude.
— Dr. Crystal Jones

Challenge: This week, take a moment to substitute your prayers of consitent asking with a simple, yet powerful thank you. Keep a gratitude journal, write in it every day (consistency). Every time you find yourself ungrateful, take a moment to contribute to that journal. Then come back and let me know how you were able to move through this week a little differently.