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Her Truth: AB

I have been a long time sufferer of chronic migraines and have never been able to get a good control of them.  After seeing numerous doctors and paying for different varieties of expensive prescriptions that only seemed to help, i tried massage therapy, light therapy, natural techniques, etc. I had all but given up on getting much relief and just learned to live with the pain.  After a few years of being able to deal with the symptoms, I noticed they were only becoming worse.  I was becoming more and more sensitive to light and sound.  So much it was very difficult to go outdoors and even more of a danger to try to drive, never knowing what direction the sun might come blaring at me from.  A coworker of mine was aware of my situation and referred me to Dr. Jones.  From then, I explained my symptoms to Dr. Jones and she had me sit and "try" to relax while she worked her what i now like to call magic.  She gave my neck one good pop and immediately I felt the relief of pressure, tension, & pain!  I never imagined chiropractic therapy would help with my seemingly endless migraines.  I am very lucky to have come across dr. Jones, without her I may still be sitting in a dark, silent room!  Thank you, Dr. Jones!!!!  :)