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Her Truth: AJ

I have been having problems hearing for 13 years. I would have issues waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to hear anything. It is very frustrating because everything I love to do requires me to hear. During communication with people I would constantly say hunh? Or just agree with what the person was saying just so they didn't have to repeat themselves. I went to the beach recently and once again I woke up not being able to hear at all out of my right ear and slightly muffled in my left . I was blessed to have Dr. Crystal Jones with me. She used those anointed hands found the problem and released the pebble from the creek so I could hear again. I could not only feel the water at my feet but i also could hear it crashing on the shore..... But that is not all. I have chronic issues with my left shoulder. I have rotators cuff syndrome and often overuse it due to my profession. Dr. Crystal Jones uses her healing hands to remove the tension from my neck and shoulder area to the point where I can rotate my arm with no interference and no pain. There is power in her !!!! I recommend her not just for physical pain but also for all your alignment needs. For artists, she can relieve your mental block so you can think freely, innately ... I thank god for her and her hands everyday.