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Her Truth: DW

Wow! Crystal is truly a healer. Everything about her, from her stunning outer beauty to the depths of her soul that she shares with people are immaculate. Just being around her makes life sweeter. I met her when I was hosting a vision board party with my chiropractic sorority sisters at Life University. I invited her to come, mingle and possibly speak. From the moment she walked in, my life was destined to change. She brought a raw energy that was scented with love and genuine interest for our mission to empower. She gave us sound advice as a chiropractor who has been and continues to be successful in practice. I couldn't stop there. As my next few quarters of school started to unfold, the stress of weekly examinations, projects and meeting benchmarks began to weigh heavy on my spirit. A good friend of mine referred me to crystal, not knowing that I had already made her acquaintance. I knew this was not by chance, but divine appointment.

This past weekend, crystal invited me to one of my favorite study places in the poncey highlands for a "love fest..." how appropaux! During this time she probed me with seemingly straightforward questions that challenged me to my core. "how can i serve you?" "what is it that you want?" "who are you?" I had no idea that our simple tea date would morph into a soul-finding, motivational, chiropractically stimulating, life altering event. All of this may sound very colorful, but our time together was so simple. We sat across the table from one another, eye to eye and talked. She listened. She looked at me, even at times looking into me. She valued my words. I felt as if she was as invested in my growth and release and I was. Another thing that made this experience different from any other "consultation" was that she kept affirming that i am amazing, excellence personified and other power charged things. Needless to say, I am overwhelmed with the love and sunshine that I was met with. Ever since I first requested her presence, Crystal has been there for me. She's shown up, 115% for me. She's been invested from the moment I reached out. That is rare. That is amazing. This is Crystal.