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Her Truth: DW

Heart eyes emoji!!! Dr. Crystal Jones is the beezkneez! She's thorough. She's real. She's sincere. She's intensely passionate, to the point where everything that she advises, she lives. She's accessible. She's accountable! She's skilled. She's artistic. She's strong, even when her clients are weak. Clearly, she's everything!!! Days after my first intuitive healing session, i am still in awe. I've had prior encounters with Dr. Jones, usually for girlboss mentoring and planning. This was my first hands-on-calendars-and-pens-down healing session and woah! I've never experienced anything like this before. We worked on deep breathing techniques and I was able to fully let go of some big "things" that have been on my heart for years. For once, I felt as if I was light enough to float. I was deeply relaxed for most of the process, and I cannot remember all of the play by play details, however i am still feeling relief from debilitating knee pain that I had been suffering with for months. I have mental clarity now!! Things, people and situations in my life that were clogging my mind are beginning to melt away. Over the different phases of my healing time I’ve put concerted effort into letting go of what doesn't serve me and welcoming things that bring me life!!! I love this beautiful woman with the love of god!!! I am so blessed to have happened upon her. She's an integral part of my life now... I always joke and say things like, "how was I living before I met you...?" it's funny but, i mean that! She helps to unleash the innate potential within a person, so that they can fully express life!!! She's got the sauce, honey!!