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Her Truth: JS

Crystal is the answer to my prayers. To know me in my past would tell you that I was a phenomenal leader, full of knowledge, and had an exceptionally loving touch with all that i came in contact with; yet i lacked the rooted wisdom that would make my influence on people stand out all the more. I prayed for years for someone that would finally inspire me. I longed for someone I could trust to lead me in a way that would push me beyond the limits i had set for myself, and painfully waited as i attempted to direct my own path without a consistent mentor in my life. Last year though, I met crystal in Uganda. The other part of my past, being that i was completely intrigued by my calling to then one day be in Uganda, explains this encounter to be as beautiful and predestined as it truly was. It didn’t take long after our meeting for me to realize that she was that inspiration I was looking for. The first thing I noticed about her was the grace of her presence. She stood with such a distinct poise that besides the fact that she was African American, i was immediately drawn to her. The second thing I noticed about her once we got the chance to finally chat one-on-one, was that she listened and considered what I was saying to be important. From that moment on, she convinced me (literally because I initially refused) to get adjusted through our conversation about the reality of what we were witnessing together and the spiritual depth of what it all meant. In other words, she adjusted my soul. Since then, I have grown into my very best self in the most astounding way. I love her so much… not just because of who she is, but because of how she stimulates my potential and passionately encourages me to just “be” and watch god literally open the sky for me. Crystal affirms me. She makes time for me. She tells me that my destiny is waiting on me and that my needed answers are innate. She tells me that I have power and an untouchable identity. She prays for me. She laid hands on me and healed me. She is gentle, yet firm with me. She listens to me and guides me. She pushes me higher and reminds me of who I am. I have come to realize that it is her compassion for souls that revives those like mine. She is invigorating and each time that we talk or meet, I feel refreshed, empowered, and even more alive than before. She is the exceedingly abundant package I asked him for, and every day I stand in great awe and amazement that she would call me her ‘mentee’ and i can call her my angel.