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Her Truth: JS

Dr. Crystal has changed my life and I am not even the one she laid hands on. After meeting her in Uganda and having a night long conversation sharing faith and her calling for chiropractic work, my mind was blown during and since then. She has laid hands on my grandma and allowed the power of God to work wonders through her hands. I’ve been in the same room all but one time during her visits and watched the entire atmosphere shift! Her heart is open and obedient to god when she works. Because of her, my grandma now breathes on both sides of her body, walks upright, makes complete sentences, and is more alert and articulate in her speech.  My grandma even opened up to her, hugged her goodbye, and trusted her to get on the table, which is huge considering her limited trust of “doctors” and great fear of hospitals and nursing homes. Crystal has even felt the burdens of my heart and unexpectedly adjusted me with a hug after a 2am talk about what was going on in my life. She has adjusted my brother without even planning to service him and my mom on one of her most broken days because she felt my mom’s pain so intensely on her own body. Crystal is exceptional  at what she does and her heart for God and her patients is incredibly selfless. When I met her all the way in Uganda, she insisted on adjusting me and meeting my grandma just because she saw how much she meant to me. Crystal is the spiritual mentor that I’ve prayed for over years and it’s amazing to see how she alone and her work are god’s way of exceeding my expectations of answered prayers of healing for my grandma, relief and true peace for my mom and how to love on my brother for who he is. She is a chiropractor, yes but god is using her in so many more incredible ways. I love her more than words. She truly feeds my joy!