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Her Truth: JS

I have been working with Crystal for two years now, whether it be chiropractic or energy work. It never feels like "a doctor working on me", it is always a person who i have connected with in a spiritual level helping me. I call her "Crystal feel my life" because she has this innate way to literally touch you and know exactly what is going on in your life. All from points on your hand, your back, your chakras. She knows when I'm having problems speaking up, she knows when I'm not sleeping well, she even knows when i need to cleanse my colon (yes, it gets that serious). Something about her spirit makes your own spirit want to release, let go and heal. That is what i love most about our sessions. There is always some form of release whether it is tears, sighs, or laughter. To me, Crystal is more than a healer. There isn't even a word in the english language that I can use to describe her. It's almost as if she is a mirror in which you take a deep look at your own self to introspect, to see your own truths. She started off as my chiropractor & it has evolved as something much more. She is my doctor, my healer, my friend, my sistar....she is my earth angel. I am grateful about every single one of her gifts and I highly recommend her to everyone