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Her Truth: LS

My mother has been dealing with an unexplained illness for the past three years. We have visited all sorts of doctors from general practitioners to neurologists, to psychologists, to endocrinologists, to naturalists. What we determined after all tests continued to come back negative, was there was consistent evidence of yeast overgrowth in her body resulting from years of prescribed antibiotics. However, convincing the medical society of this was no easy task; what they don't believe in, they don't treat. But praise God, He always has another avenue. While in Uganda, my daughter met a chiropractor by the name of Dr. Crystal jones. My daughter spoke in depth to Crystal about my mother's condition. When they both returned to the US, Dr. Crystal came to first observe and later adjust. Her calm demeanor provided for a relaxing atmosphere which allowed my mother's barriers to somewhat breakdown. Listening to Dr. Crystal, i learned that the body must be aligned in order for the energy to flow properly so that the body can begin to heal itself. There are so many things one can learn just based on the positioning of the spine. A few days following the adjustment, I began to notice my mother had more energy and began to speak in complete sentences, better articulating her thoughts. Dr. Crystal allows her hands and God's anointing as her instruments of healing, and we praise God for it.