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Her Truth: MC

I've always valued my time spent with crystal's genuine spirit as sacred; something I didn't want to end or share. Her ability to illuminate my being, opening my eyes to visualize the greatness that is much further than what i can see right in front of me, is amazing. Crystal waited until I was ready and trusted the entire process; which i admire the most because it was never forced, she trusted perfect timing. The day I decided i was ready I got the experience of a lifetime, almost like a reset on life. She not only adjusted my spine , she adjusted my soul. I left our session feeling empowered, settled and more at ease with my reality and rid of false perceptions. My session with Crystal was life changing, catapulting me into my own reality that is controlled by my words, thoughts and actions guiding my truth and overall health. I am grateful for crystal's innate ability to help and love humans.

My time with Dr. Crystal restored a flow of peace, harmony and tranquility. Her healing touch goes beyond the physical and penetrates the core of the individual allowing full expression. When our sessions are done I can clearly see all myself as if a cloud has been removed.