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Her Truth: RC

This is the woman who I resisted out of anxiety, insecurity and aloofness. This is the woman who embraced me anyway and continued to gravitate toward me in so many ways on so many levels. 
This is the woman that saw past my pride, knew I needed her and answered the call. This is the woman who met me in the physical for the first time, shooting out tears like fireworks, and stayed up with me until 3a until everything was cleared. 
This is the woman who knows when to nod and smile knowingly as you figure yourself out, and when to speak directly to the voice inside of you that already knows its truth. To get that voice to speak, too, so you can clear the vibrational and emotional blockages and harness the power of that voice. This is the woman who got me to speak my desires and watch them manifest. For days in a row. 
This is the woman who taught me - both by word and by example - the value of replenishing the energy you share and being mindful of the energy you absorb. How to give, from a full cup. How to light others, after you have ignited yourself. How to be okay with sitting back and not being a part of everything, especially if it means that you will have full energy and focus for the things you know and love. 
So when you see me smiling more than usual, when you see jumping off cliffs, when you see our retreats continue to level up, when you see me walking down the aisle with my husband, when you see me speaking up more and shutting down less -- just remember that this is one of the women the Creator sent to remind me why it is all worth it, that I can & will have it, that I can & will do it. Without telling me how or why or when or where or what I should or could or would or whatever. 
Give thanks, Crystal for being a human crystal and helping to make things crystal clear. For showing me what happens when you treat yourself like fine china and not like broken glass. My initial resistance was in direct proportion to my eventual embrace of not just everything you are, but everything I am too. Mashallah.