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Her Truth: SS

I can honestly say I'm a person who is always looking to improve. My head always buried in self help books and seeking outside advice. It wasn't until this past year of my life that it clicked in my mind. All the answers are within me. Still I had tons of work to do. When I met Crystal, I had no idea what to expect. Thinking she was a typical chiropractor, I was more than pleasantly surprised when she thoroughly explained to me what she would be doing. I was completely at ease and excited! She is a healer, on a deeper level than i have ever known. Consciously, I trusted her immediately, but soon into my adjustment, my body said something different. It told her something deeper. A lack of trust I had for her, others, and even myself. To hear this was a shock to me. It made me think, deep, deep into what was the root. She saw inside me, to a place I would have never went, which forced me to confront fears I've had for years. Crystal has the ability to peel away the layers that are holding us back from living to our fullest potential. After seeing her, I confidently taught one of my best yoga classes to date. She is a walking ball of love and positive energy and I cannot wait to see her again!