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Her Truth: TW

Sometimes life can be hard. Sometimes you are brought to your knees from pain - whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual. Often, we don't know why it's happening or when it will stop. Sometimes it may feel like you're broken and you question if you will ever be whole again. I have felt this way countless times throughout the chiropractic program. I didn't understand why my educational institution was breaking me down and worse why they were building me back up. All I wanted to do was learn and serve others. It was a very dark time for me and thankfully this is when I met Dr. Crystal. She was a beacon of light for me. Her mentoring and loving spirit help guide me back to life. My passion had dimmed to a small flame when she met me and she helped me grow until it was burning bright inside of me. She helped me understand that sometimes you need to be broken down before you can be built into the person you need to be. But she didn't stop there. She taught me how to look inside of myself for answers, showed me how to be at peace and guided me into becoming the woman, daughter, sister, and doctor that I've always wanted to be and more importantly who God wants me to be. Dr. Crystal continuously demonstrates a positive attitude and takes a person interest in those she mentors. She want you to find your truth, turn your dreams into reality, and manifest those things into your life. I'm grateful for her influence in my life because I am able to give, serve, love and do much more now than i ever was before