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Her Truth: TW

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you in my life. Your hands are a gift from heaven and ordained by god. You bless all those you touch. You give with all your heart. You love with all your heart. You help bring life back to those who have lost hope. I am a living testimony of this. I was living without hope. I was lost, confused and depressed. My emotions were starting to cause physical ailments. This is no way to live. I was so lost and denied how I felt. I didn't realize how disconnected i had become from family, friends and reality. You helped free my soul. I was trying to fit into a box. I felt confounded. I was living up to expectations and a life that i thought others wanted me to live. None of it was real. It was causing me stress. Dis-ease. Decreasing my quality of life. Thanks to you, i am alive again. Your adjustment freed me. I have hope again. I can feel again. I love life again. Breathe again. You listened and loved me back to life. Brought me back from spiritual death. I am eternally grateful for you. I love you so much.