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His Truth: RM

I believe those who hold sacred space have aligned themselves with the natural flow of universal law/consciousness/god. This alignment allows for an open channel(s), a direct line of communication to source, to which we are all connected. I believe we each have the potential to function on such a level. Once we realize this potential we simply point others in the right direction. Dr. Crystal jones is one who is in direct alignment. Coupling her extensive knowledge of the human body with her intuitive knowledge of divine law, Dr. Jones exudes a brilliant healing light in her presence alone. I came to Dr. Jones looking to diagnose a pain in my back only to find that the prognosis wasn't physical at all. She explained (reminded) of the intelligence of the body; that it will physically manifest every virtue or vice hidden by the veil of the 5 senses- I like to call this "the body's 6th sense". She also explained how the alignment of the spine predicates the flow of "messages" from the brain to the body. She says this is one majorly overlooked reason why people have emotional blocks, problems communicating, and issues acting out or manifesting visions (yeah! She took it there). She specifically spoke about artist who have creative blocks, which was appropriate as I am a creative with back issues and a serious creative block-well, I was up until I seen her! Lying there on her massage I had an encounter that many of us spend our lives avoiding ...I encountered myself. I realized more about myself than I had in a while. This is where the deeper healing began for me in a proverbial mirror. I seen the many deficiencies and compensations my body is making due to a history of unconscious behavior. To say the least, this was the breakthrough I needed. My time with Dr. Jones was more like a visit with an oracle. Everything from her smile to her words to the art on the walls spoke to me. The entire experience was complete revelation and healing. Unlike many secular practitioners of medicine Dr. Jones prescribes no placebo nor implores no treatment technique that serves to merely mask symptoms. On the contrary, her approach is divinely simple; create/hold sacred space and set the intention. Providing a safe place to deal and heal starting at the source. She says that visiting her should not just be when something goes wrong but should be more like preventative maintenance, if you will. Dr. Jones, what you do is very much needed. You function with such ease and a pureness that is utmost heavenly. Thank you for holding sacred space for me and the countless others before and after.