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Her Truth: JM

Let me start by saying I am a total self-help junkie and i have been around the block with a lot of eccentric and esoteric alternative service providers both locally and internationally. Dr. Crystal jones is the real deal. I went to see her during my last trimester of my pregnancy in preparation for my vbac (vaginal birth after [unplanned] cesarean). Despite all of the intensive talk therapy and the light work and the reiki and the mayan abdominal massage therapy and the myofascial release massage and the acupuncture and the therapeutic hypnosis and the silent retreats and the craniosacral therapy and the crystal sound bowl healing and the sweat lodge ceremonies and the floatation meditative therapy and all of the other things I did to work through the trauma i was holding onto from my first birth, I knew deep down i still had serious wounds that i hadn't fully addressed which left me unprepared for what I was planning to undertake. Everything about my first visit with crystal told me i'd found the right place to heal. At our initial meeting I found it so easy to open up to her because she is very developed in the art of holding space for people. It was as if nothing I could say would be too big to deal with. That allowed us to get some big things out of the way very quickly! After she addressed the spiritual and emotional wounds she turned to the physical and led me through a guided meditation while performing a manual chiropractic adjustment and vibration therapy on me. Within moments of completing, I noticed a huge positive change in how I felt both physically and emotionally. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted. By the end of my appointment I invited her to attend my upcoming birth as she is also a holistic birth doula. I had previously been considering birthing alone but felt so comfortable and trusted by crystal that i knew she was a good fit. We met again the following week to discuss in great detail my birth plan and discuss how she could be most helpful to me in labor by supporting my husband. Fast forward to ten days later, when I found myself in labor, crystal texted with me throughout the early stages and despite my loss of contact with her due to distraction by contractions, she managed to show up at the exact perfect time! She arrived vibrating high and so in tune with me and my needs that I found myself planning to ask for something during a contraction and she would produce it in the space for me before the next contraction without me even having to ask. She really listened during our conversation about what I wanted during my birth and helped me to manifest it. Moreover, she displayed a level of intuition that far surpasses anything I have ever experienced. She is truly gifted! Where my first labor dragged on for 4 days and ended in an unplanned cesarean because I felt so uncomfortable relaxing in the presence of my birth attendants, this labor was very precipitous with crystal by my side and I gave birth after just 11 hours! Since our daughter's birth, Dr. Crystal Jones has become our family healer. After working with her during my labor and seeing such a remarkable improvement in my own health and sense of well being, my husband not only encourages me to make appointments with her but he has also enjoys her house calls for his own appointments with her. She is also my newborn's favorite doctor to see for check ups and adjustments. As a testament to the full spectrum of care she provides, in addition to seeing her for her healing, chiropractic, and doula work, my next appointment with her will be for nutrition consulting. It is so rare to find a doctor who is competent in a variety of modalities of alternative medicine. We are so grateful to have Dr. Crystal Jones and her services at our disposal!