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Her Truth: AK

I absolutely love my chiropractor! Each time that I've been adjusted by crystal has been a unique and loving experience, centered around what my body needs at that time. There is so much love in her service, and I can feel that love and light the moment she walks into the room. Crystal's gifts are powerful, and you can tell that she is a true healer. Her intuition is nothing short of magical. I am so grateful that I've gotten the opportunity to not only be part of crystal's chiropractic journey, but also one of her chiropractic participants. Crystal is dedicated to my health and wellness, always shows up whenever I am in need, and is one of the most loving, genuine souls I have ever met. She truly is loving humanity back to life through her hands, one beautiful soul at a time. Thank you so much Crystal, for always taking care of me, (adjusting my attitude when I need it) and always loving me unconditionally!