Dr Crystal Jones



Currently accepting opportunities in the following areas:

Collegiate speaking engagements/panels (medicine, alternative medicine, traditional medicine, yoga teacher trainings), conference keynote/panel presentations, wellness retreat keynote presentations, corporate leadership training, workshops, breath work & meditation experiences. I am open to your ideas. Also, here is a list of talks I frequently offer.

Currently accepting partnerships that align with:

Spiritual and personal development, eco friendly + sustainable + nontoxic lifestyle + travel, clean beauty, global mindful + movement, organic + plant based lifestyle.     

Want me to be a guest on your podcast or interview me for your publication?

Connect with me. 

Connect with the wellness production company.

*understand that travel and lodging must be included outside of financial exchange,

*all 2018 volunteer hours have been committed to existing programming.


Check out the events page to keep abreast of upcoming speaking engagements and group healing experiences.