Dr Crystal Jones


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you take one on one clients?

As space allows, yes. Although I have stepped away from full time practice, I do take on a select number of advisory clients. This retainer based work opens the door for me to hear what you are saying + listen as an integration method + if/when asked, advise foundational congruency of your human experience development on spiritual, emotional, mental, biochemical and physical levels.

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Can you be my mentor?

Sure, yet only if you are serious about doing the work. It's my honor to share space with people that are interested in developing intentional lifestyles especially in the areas of my expertise. You can reach out by completing the form below. 

Do you accept interns?

Yes, I do. I offer internships, mostly for Sanctuary, to those who want to fully immerse themselves in this work. Skills that are top priority are visual in nature. If you have a skill that you would like to offer, submit it using the form below. Notice, that I did not ask for a resume. As an intern, I need to see what you can do for this particular work, not what you have done in the past (although that is important, for sure). Note: this work requires you to be self driven and motivated. This work also requires direct communication.