Dr Crystal Jones


We are in a time and space right now where people have tried everything. They’ve been to every doctor, they’ve done every treatment, they’ve hired every coach, and used every yoga class to escape. What they really want is to heal. And it’s time to train the industry to be able to facilitate that - to meet actual needs. People want to be heard. People want to heal. The industry owes them that.
— Dr. Crystal Jones


I am a voice + activist for effective intra- and interpersonal communication in the healthcare, spiritual practice and wellness industries. 

I believe that facilitators should: hear first, listen second, and if/when asked, offer third. I know that there is no real training in that. Most have only been taught to perform.

I believe that humans must learn how to ask for what they need.

My particular focus drives me to:

 lead global conversations on conscious, responsibility driven healing,

facilitate the connection of people with their narrative in intentional ways to hear the message of their bodies using accessible tools to evolve it as needed, and

train medical/alternative doctors, chiropractors, yoga teachers, spiritual teachers etc. in effective communication - as this honors the integrity of the healing process.

This work is centered around

effective communication,

acknowledging and elevating core narratives that contribute to dis-ease and

the foundational work of consciously imprinting on the subconscious to move with integrity through destructive cycles.


I AM a vocal change agent, advisor and multifaceted healing facilitator.

Spiritual Director + Lead Facilitator, The Sanctuary

Spiritual Advisor, Black Girl In OM

-Hire me to share this curriculum/conversation at your college, corporate leadership program, conference, yoga teacher training-

Certifications/Licensure: Doctor of Chiropractic, Reiki Master, 200 hour yoga teacher, birth + death doula, BS Nutrition and Dietetics, holistic health consultant



Why left private practice to do this work.

After fifteen years in formal education and private practice, I realized that the common denominator in most cases that presented to me was the lack of effective intra- and interpersonal communication. Together, we would resolve in one session what took years to be acknowledged by extensive teams of healthcare and allied healthcare professionals. While this work was fulfilling, I realized that I needed to step away from private practice to create the curriculum and conversations needed within the industry. 

A great majority of the clients that I touched dealt with some form of unintentional trauma from healthcare providers. Curriculum concentration, whether formal education or training, almost always focuses solely on mastering a technique, which is important, yet leaves out the critical communication component. In all cases, this also leaves out the necessary foundational healing work for the practitioner.

Also, most humans have not been introduced to the skill of communicating their needs. While this seems like a common sense skill, most people are trained to take whatever is given to them. This often leads to unintentional trauma.

what i believe about healing.

Healing is sacred movement. And at the same time, healing is stillness. Healing is the warrior. Healing is surrender. And a process. And it lasts through lifetimes.

The body craves ease. That's her deepest desire.