Dr. Crystal Jones


just a little note: as a perpetual learner - channeling, speaking, teaching and facilitating are my favorite things to do.



Conversations with Dr. Crystal Jones - An intuitive conversation in question and answer format about acknowledging resistance to evolution. *most popular

The Art of Becoming The Sacred Space for the Integrity of the Healing Process (60-240 min)

Through the Shadows: Experiential Learning Workshop (90 min) 

Intentional Living. (30-60 minutes - ideal for empowerment and healing engagements, lunch and learn)

Integrating Holistic Healing with Clinical Practice: A conversation (30-45 minutes)

Other Classes and Topics Include: Embodied Movement | Sitting Mindfulness | Integrated Bodywork | Meditation | Yoga | Mental Health As An Experience Through The Highest Self. | Holistic Healing In The Entertainment Industry. | +More