Dr. Crystal Jones


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.
—  Psalm 23:4a

Finding a title can be overwhelming, so I leave my title to your conclusion. 

I am an intuit and I communicate with the body in many different ways.

My chosen path is to be the observer of how core truths, values and beliefs are integrating into the narrative that is presenting on physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual levels.  My chosen path leads me to becoming sacred space for the integrity of the healing process - whatever that looks like. And within that space is the beautiful process of elevating narratives and moving through destructive cycles.


I AM a multifaceted healing facilitator and doctor. Fluent in many languages of healing, I show up as a guide for women that are ready to dive within their hidden places - and heal.

Founder + Spiritual Director of The Sanctuary

Spiritual Advisor, Black Girl In OM

Why I do this work.

Because healing is not an event, it is a process - an INTENSE process of owning responsibility of our human experience.

When the woman owns her power, she heals herself.

When the woman heals herself, the universe elevates.

Simple, right? 

I knew early on in my career (of ten+ years) that I had to use my title as doctor to return power to it's rightful owner. I began doing a lot of crisis work (suicidal attempts/active drug usage) for women that put it together for the world. I spent countless hours holding women through their recognition of highest self. This was the work I was called to do.

I knew that I was on the path of channeling my talents and skills with women that desired to feel again - or even for the first time. 

I decided to master the art of holding space.

But first, I had to do that for myself.


what i believe about healing.

Healing is sacred movement.

And at the same time, healing is stillness.  

Healing is the warrior.

Healing is surrender.

And a process.

And it lasts through lifetimes.

So let's dig deep and do the work. Let's come back into knowing. Let's evolve with truth.

And I trust you. Probably more than you trust yourself right now.


A little deeper.

firstly, YOU are the healer. not me. I just facilitate the process until our paths diverge.

I believe fundamentally that healing is the process of remembering through unlearning. Healing is a voluntary experience through that which frightens us - those insecurities most hidden -, and then there’s the choice of how we move through them. Healing is a dynamic process of evolving our truths to a level of highest good based on our authentic experiences of this universe.

 Every form of disease begins in the spiritual realm. So that’s where we begin. I experience this truth that life is all about adaptation and integration. On a physiological level, we integrate through our nervous system. Spiritually and emotionally, we integrate through our nervous system by way of our energetic centers.  When our bodies reject or have a hard time integrating a certain level of elevation, our system expresses subluxation or dis-ease. When we are subluxated, our lifeforce is compromised and the effect is an alteration in global tone, rhythm, and function. And since we are all one, this alters the tone and rhythm of the entire universe.  

Studying eastern and western spiritual systems, practices and modalities, I've learned to listen to the body and respond effectively with what she is asking for. I make it clear that I DO NOT heal the body. I choose not to take that power away from anyone. So we sit down and understand the language together. We facilitate the process, and we heal.

I ask two of the most important questions and we allow the healing process to evolve as her integrity allows.  Your body dictates the flow. I follow the breath, she leads the way.

You are here for a reason. All things in divine timing. And when you are ready, I'll be happy to serve as one of your guides.


I believe that healing modalities are instrumental in integrating new levels of truth and healing into the physiological space. 

Degrees, Licenses and Certifications:

Doctor of Chiropractic, 200-hr Yoga Teacher, Holistic Doula (birth and death), Holistic Health Counseling, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Nutrition & Dietetics