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Do the thing, all of it!

Let’s just sit with it.
All of it. 
What would it feel like if you went ALL the way in with your assignment? 
I know! The entire universe would shift. 
Yea, there would be disruption to things as we know them, but that’s the point right? 
I can feel it honey,
You are even a tiny bit nervous at the thought of what people will say, especially those who you greatly admire. 
Do it anyway. 
Do it all the way. 
You see, many people weren’t taught to ask out curiosity, 
so instead of the words coming out as admiration for your courage, they sound like degradation. 
The fear of the backlash and the potential of humanity can be paralyzing.
However, buried deep in the core of your being is courage.
And I dare you to give the feeling a chance. 
One honest step at a time though.
You’ll know when to move next.
Truth is, you may never hear it, so I’ll tell you .... thank you for being brave. 
Offer to yourself the breath of ease. 
Honey, excellence is the breath of life that I created you with. 
Tap in.
And oh, the places we will go.

Crystal JonesComment