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Grateful for the no

There’s a new identity forming and all of the things that once made sense are now seeming like a foreign language. 
Feel into it. 
Familiar doors are being bolted shut just so the truth of who you are becoming can breathe into the glory of what’s ahead. You’re being asked to take off the masks, and yeah it’s scary - beyond what you think most can understand, yet, we are all here with you. You’ve spent the majority of your life taking on the identities and roles of what people celebrated, you know, what looked successful. And now you are being asked for the unedited version of yourself. 
So you’ll hear no a few times. And you’ll see the beauty of earth shattering yes. And you’ll experience the glory of divine timing. It’s all intentional, and you’ll just have to trust - the foundation is forming for something so much greater than you can even conceptualize. Hold on honey. 
Romans 8:28 says it best beautiful soul. Everything is working for your good, which is highest good. The question is are you willing to commit to the path that serves the greater good of all?

Crystal JonesComment