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Lean in just a bit more. -faith

You took the leap -
I felt you as you rode the wave of every emotion available.
I remember what you felt as you left the comfort of everything you’d once known. 
You exhaled into my grace.
Knowing and not knowing at the same time. 
We charted new territory. 
We faced the unknown. 
Often with tears in your eyes, you heard my voice and leaned in. 
And exhaled fully.
And we breathed together
In unison
One heartbeat.
Comfort -
Slowly our synchronicity began to resonate as two tones.
My voice became a muffled buzz.
We’ve come this far
And surely I won’t leave you now.

I just ask that you lean in just a bit more. 
I need to know you’re still with me. 
Just a bit more. -faith.

Crystal JonesComment