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Resist Less

somewhere along the way, they told you that the answer was in becoming fearless.
they told you that you weren’t to feel anything and that pushing through would make you stronger. 
and while it may, I also invite you to entertain, if even just for a second, the notion of ease. 
r e s i s t less. 
just a little? 
you cannot fail. 
I’ll say it again just for reassurance, you cannot fail. 
you’ll see markers along the way that will redirect your attention inward - that’s not failure honey. 
take a breather and remember that ALL things are working for the highest good. 
breathe that all the way into your lungs and exhale anything that speaks otherwise. 
so resist a little less. 
it’s all in your favor. 
yes, you’ll get triggered when you lean into your own understanding. 
I don’t fault you, I’ll just remind you that I am here
where I’ve always been -
within you.

Crystal JonesComment