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The cape comes off

The cape comes off
And the day begins to fade,
The light dims.
You feel the core of your existence. 
It’s deeper than how you decided to show up.
A layer beyond all of the deliverables and deadlines you mastered. •

How did you align with your core values, truths and beliefs today? 
Do you know what they are? 
Does your light exist through your being or solely as an accessory of your superwoman cape?
Do you know who you are?
And I ask again - hand over heart - do you know who you are? 
Will you honor that with every breath that you flow through? •
Or will you just go back in the closet and get the cape?
And play another day. 
It’s only just another day, right? 
And try again on tomorrow’s tomorrow

Oh yes beautiful, be gentle with yourself. We are all out here doing the best that we can.

Crystal JonesComment