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You are the light, and the tunnel.

You’ve asked time and time again for me to tell you what to do
and my only answer has been to rest in me. 
I know it’s been frustrating because somehow the world trained you backwards. 
Somehow you were taught to do what the world required.
Somehow they missed the fact that the world is here responding to you. 
You’ve been giving your all. 
And that’s exactly it, you’ve been out here feeling alone and running past empty just long enough to not break down. 
And now you need a refill. 
But first, you must know that it’s worth it. 
It is honey. 
It is. 
I only ask that you rest in me because I have things to show you. 
I need you to see that this circumstantial identity that you adopted requires some heart work.
Better yet, it needs to go.
I asked you who you were and you told me what you did. 
I asked you what happiness felt like and it was all outsourced. 
I felt so disconnected from you. 
I felt like the truth of our existence got lost in the pile of titles. 
I want to do this with you -
the real you. 
Will you rest in me? 
Do you trust me enough? 
The light at the end of the tunnel, that’s you -
Everything will become clearer when you recognize that you are the tunnel too.

Crystal Jones